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K so here’s the deal: I am no fashion blogger (as you can tell by my awkward posing haha) but when Cleo Madison, the cutest boutique, reached out to me and asked if I wanted to collab with them I had to say yes because, duh! When I got this dress in the mail, I put it on, and made my brother come take pictures of me on my iPhone with out even thinking that I have a cuter pair of shoes to wear with it or the fact that I didn’t even take the pony tail holder off my wrist! haha. But, THIS DRESS IS COMFYY TO THE MAX. Super super flowy and IT HAS POCKETS.  The only reason I did this collab was because I love love love hearing about trendy modest online boutiques because I live in the middle of no where and online shopping is what I do! So here I am letting you know that there is an adorable boutique that you probably need something from! 😉

Here are some of my other favorite pieces from their shop!



Plus, they have free shipping so HAPPY SHOPPING!






June 17, 2017

My Favorite Book of Mormon Study Guide

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This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

I’ve posted pictures on my Instastory a couple of times that say something like “don’t forget to read your scriptures” and 9/10 my study guide is in the picture and I get SOOO many questions about so here you go!

The Book of Mormon isn’t easy to understand. In fact it’s really hard. But I found a study guide that has been SO helpful! I understand things a lot easier and seem to remember what I read better. Seriously, I had to write a post just to tell you about it because I seriously LOVE IT! I don’t read the BOM without using it because it is just so great! I’ve been using it since March of 2016 (And I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about it since then…) and I am just about done with the 1st book! (The study guide is split into two parts.) I love how each chapter sometimes takes me a week to read yet I get SO much more out of it than if I was just reading.

It’s like worksheets for each chapter. And don’t let the word “worksheet” scare you! Each chapter the pages are different but it gives you spots to write your thoughts, principles, places to doddle the story that is taking place, etc. You read certain verses and then it will sometimes give you a question to ponder or a timeline to draw. Lots of chapters have little “tips” that help you understand what you are reading and giving you insight on who is speaking or what they are referring to. It really helps you dive into what you learning.

I honestly didn’t enjoy reading the Book of Mormon of because I didn’t understand it. I was having such a hard time getting anything out of what I was reading. Because of this study guide, it makes sense and when I am done I can say confidently that I’ve learned something. This workbook completely changed my scripture study.  So if you are looking for something to help you better understand and study the Book of Mormon I highly highly recommend this study guide!

If you click HERE you go to the website where you can buy it and literally see the whole inside of the book! (Just scroll down a bit) I was going to show you some of my drawn on pages but my handwriting is horrible and you don’t want to see that 😉

When I bought mine spiral bound wasn’t an option but HOW COOL!?! Seriously, I looked on the website to get the link and pictures and was like NO FAIR! hahah! Spiral bound would be so nice!

So grab some colored pens, because that makes it so much more fun, and get studying! Gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon is incredible. So make sure you take time each day to study and learn because it will be the best thing you’ll ever do!

Hope this helps!


June 7, 2017

15 Things I Learned in High School

Photo by Christy Wright Photography

Vest – Roolee

If you didn’t already know I love lists and so I couldn’t resist putting together a quick list of what I learned in high school…so here ya go!

  1. DO NOT compare yourself to others. I can’t empathize this enough. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday. Seriously, once I learned this my life changed.
  2. Stay far farrrr away from the drama. It is not worth it. Find people that are doing more with their lives then stirring up trouble and hating on others.
  3. Stop hating your classmates. If you come from a small school like me you probably understand how easy it is to really dislike some people that you have every. single. class. with. But, stop hating and start loving. Get to know them, be their friend. Again, stay away from the drama but learn to have fun with your classmates. It makes school more enjoyable ya know.
  4. Your grades ARE important! Do your homework, care about what you are doing.
  5. Be good to everyone! Teachers, staff, classmates, EVERYONE. The way you treat people is noticed. Be kind and respectful.
  6. Wear what makes YOU happy. If that means dressing up everyday then do it. Be you.
  7. Be soooo grateful for your free textbooks. (and free classes) Seriously.
  8. Put God 1st. Put God 1st. That means go to seminary!! Learn to study the scriptures and your life will be oh so blessed. The best thing you can do is spend time with God. Put Him first and the rest will fall into place!
  9. Put down your phone. Seriously. High School only happens once. Enjoy it.
  10. Be the light. Be an example for good. People notice.
  11. Don’t worry what people are thinking of you. People are so worried about that themselves. BE YOU.
  12. Be involved! Participate!
  13. Study for the ACT. I never studied, and although I got into the college I wanted if I would have studied I would have probably been eligible for more scholarships. STUDY!
  14. Take college classes if you can. I graduated with 29 hours from my local college. I didn’t like the idea of a bunch of blow off classes so I took college classes that counted. So if your able, do it! Because it was the best thing I ever did.
  15. BE KIND.



May 25, 2017

Catch up on Favorites + Highlights

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GUYS!!!! I finally finished High School! You know everyone says your senior year is the busiest and they are NOT lying! Well, I was sure I couldn’t be thattt busy so I signed up for another 12 hours of online college classes 🙂 So needless to say my excuse is once again, I’VE BEEN BUSY!! Anyway, here are some of my favorites as of lately.


  • WALLPAPERS! Like I said in the last favorites post I love changing my wallpaper! Here are some great ones + for your phone too!
  • If you didn’t already know I LOVE the Robertson’s ( the Duck Dynasty family) and John Luke’s sweet wife Mary Kate has the sweetest blog! I seriously love reading it!
  • Mint Arrow. Not only do I love the amazing deals she finds, I LOVE this sweet lady behind this blog. She is always sharing her testimony about the gospel and it just makes me SO happy!
  • If your an online shopper like me I highly recommend downloading the Honey extension! It finds the best coupons for you to use without having to google them!
  • THIS dress from Roolee! I wore it for Baccularate and I LOVE IT!


Of course there have been many highlights over the last months but here are a few!

  • PROM! I had a super time at prom with these girls!

  • Baccalaureate (in my Roolee dress!)

  • Bye bye Oklahoma, I’m headed to BYU!

  • Your class of 2017! I’ve grown up with these people and look forward to seeing where God takes them all. But, I am sure going to miss seeing them everyday!


May 24, 2017

Four Thoughts

(photo credit: Christy Wright Photography)

  1. We can not judge people. It’s not our place and we do not understand what is really going on. Love people. Treat them with the kindness and respect that they deserve. It might be cool to talk about why so and so sucks but it’s really not! Love everyone and leave the judging up to Christ.
  2. People matter. Things don’t matter if you don’t have people there. Stop casing money and things and enjoy the people around you! We all look back at certain times & wish we would have spend more time with some certain people so be there now. Enjoy them now before it is too late. You’ll never regret spending time with those you love.
  3. Social media is not real life. What one person might see as the “perfect photo” is the same photo that took 100 times to get just right.  Only the person that posted the picture knows the true feeling and meaning behind it. People often only post their best on social media…. so remember don’t judge your worst with someones best.
  4. The days are long and years are short. I can’t tell you how true this has become in the last few years, especially this year being my last year in high school. Embrace now! Love where you at in life right now because it really does fly by.

love you all and I can’t wait to get caught back up on the blog!


April 12, 2017

Two Thoughts

Hi friends! I keep trying to remember that only the things I make a priority are going to get done because of my crazy schedule. (Aka, I am going to reevaluate my priorities again and get back blogging!) But, here I am checking in to let you know that life is great and I am getting ready to graduate and begin a new chapter in my life which I am incredible excited about!

I got accepted to BYU and will begin summer semester. I am unsure of what I will be studying right now but hopefully after a little while I will have a general direction that I want to head into.

But anyway I just wanted to write 2 little messages of you all.

1. I just wanted to remind you all that although we may be scared of the unknown or fearful of change we don’t need to be. The Lord is right there with us. One of my favorite scriptures- Jeremiah 1:9 says,

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

How great of a promise is that? He will be with us where ever we go! Change can be hard and scary sometimes but embrace it and go knowing the the Lord is with you. You will never be alone!

2.One thing that gets me through any day and helps remind me that I am never alone or forgotten is to find the tender mercies that our kind Heavenly Father has blessed me with. T h e y  a r e  t h e r e. Usually it’s the tiniest things like getting a letter in the mail, having a little bit of extra time to watch my favorite show on Netflix, or even seeing someone I know. I always write down the tender mercies of the Lord each night just like President Eyring does. And by the end of the night it can be hard to think back but seriously include in your morning prayers that you will be able to notice the tender mercies throughout your day because they really make my day better. I can honestly say that after I have started taking the time to notice and thank Him for blessing me I have a better day.

I know my thoughts are all jumbled and random but I really felt the need to share those two thoughts with you today!



March 16, 2017

January Favorites + Highlights

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  • I love changing my wallpaper on my mac and I am loving all these free ones from seriously they have some great ones!
  • WHERE ARE MY BOOK LOVERS!?! This website is my new best friend! SUPER cheap books, free shipping, have TONS of books. Like I went to my library because I seriously have the longest list of books I want to read and they didn’t have ONE. But thrift books had ALL OF THEM. I know I am super excited about this but they came in way better condition than I expected, free shipping, and came super quickly!
  • Awesome with Allison podcasts! She just barely released these and I am loving them so far! Highly recommend.
  • Coconut and Almond Kind Bars. Okay, I think I am obsessed with KIND bars. They are my favorite!



I am not going to lie this month was a super great month but it seemed like it was never going to end! The fact that Christmas was just over a month ago blows my mind. Feels like months ago… but I am so glad to be heading into February!

  • Shopping and doing homework with my sweet friend Macy! It has been a crazy month full of homework among other things. She made this month the BEST! Never take good friends for granted! 
  • Youth Conference! I (honestly) didn’t want to go but I had the time of my life! My group was amazing, the speakers, the activities, everything was just WONDERFUL! 



February 5, 2017


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photo by the lovely

Everyone’s goals for 2017 keep popping up in my bloglovin’ feed so I just have to share mine too! I LOVE the new year and any chance I can get to set new goals and refocus. I am still trying to decide what ONE thing I want to work on in 2017 is but I haven’t pin pointed it quite yet. So here are some of my goals for this great new year! [in no particular order]

  • take more pictures. i really want to blog more about life but pictures are sooo important (because let’s be honest that is the best part.)  so i want to take more pictures and be in more of them. haha! i’ve just learned manual on my camera and i want to become more comfortable with it.
  • put the gospel first. no matter how busy i want Christ to be the center of my life. and take more time for meaningful prayers.
  • make lots of good friends! going off to college this year can be scary but I want to make it a good time and gain many good friendships. talk to people. go to events. stop worrying about what others [might] think about me.
  • blog once a month. post on HT’s IG at least once a week. taking 12 hrs of college + being stuco president + class secretary + about a million other things…. has made me have less time for HT’s and I want to at least keep it up. Even if it’s only once a week.
  • stop procrastinating! it stresses me out and yet i’ve had days to work on whatever it is. this is something I really need to work on.
  • enjoy each and every day. the slow ones. the hard ones. the busy ones. the good ones. i find myself saying, “oh ill be happy when assignment is done or when i get to do this” too much. this year i am going to learn to enjoy the journey no matter what.
  • keep up with piano. i learned sooo much this year on the piano and i don’t want to stop learning when i go to college and get busy. be able to play 50 hymns. (children’s’ and/or hymns)
  • write in my journal more. even if it is just one line. its an exciting time in my life and i want document it more.
  • get all A’s! this is a goal I’ve always had for myself for as long as I can remember. so it is something I want to keep up with especially as I finish High School.
  • pop only 2x a month.  dr. pepper is my weakness! maybe (just maybe) start exercising regularly. and ya know eat more greens and less fired yummy stuff.
  • spend time & money more wisely. this sorta goes along with my “stop procrastinating” goal but i want to read more and spend less time on social media. and as far as spending money more wisely i am all about retail therapy.. but i defiantly want to remember “quality vs. quantity.”

I have the feeling that 2017 is going to be the best year yet! Now tell me your goals in the comments! 😉

January 7, 2017

Preparing for the New Year

I love the New Year almost as much as I love Christmas (which is a lot). Something about a fresh clean start at the beginning of a new year is SO refreshing. I love being able to refocus on what is truly important in my life and making sure I am on the right track to becoming what the Savior wants me to become. Here are a few things I do each year to help me set new goals and refocus.

Each year I add and take away from things on this list but I’ll list all so you can choose some to implement in your new years resolution setting.

+ Read this article by M. Russell Ballard about goals and the impact your thoughts really do have on your life. I stumbled upon it awhile ago and fell in love with it!

+ Get a new planner! Seriously I am one of those crazy planner girls who writes everything down and takes it everywhere! They have cheap (& cute) ones at Target and Walgreens. I then put my goal list, vision board, prayer list, picture of Christ, etc, etc. Just make it your own. Make it fun and personal. If you don’t think you’d ever use a planner make sure to place your goals somewhere were you will see it OFTEN, if not daily.

+ Read my patriarchal blessing and look for qualities I need to start developing or things I could start working on.

+ Make a new vision board. Seriously I hope everyone has a vision board with picture of things and goals you want to reach or do in your life.  If you need inspiration check PINTEREST! There are so many ways to them unique and personal but I love to use and do a collage so I can print it out and put it in multiple spots like my closet and my planner.

Happy New Years EVE!

December 31, 2016

October through December Favorites + Highlights

GUYS!! I can’t believe I haven’t gotten these posts up yet! I tell myself I will get better and not miss but then I do! Oh well, better late then never.


 + This sweater ! It is SO warm and cozy. Seriously I love it! and this online store is awesome! The picture I do have of me wearing it will NOT upload…:(

+ Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nail Polish. i paint my nails ALL THE TIME. Ihave used every kind of nail polish. Essie, OPI, all of them. No polish dries as fast or stays on as long as this kind. Plus it only takes ONE coat, not three. winner.

tarte eyeshadow in bloom palette thanks to everyones advice on IG about naked vs. tarte!


+ Doing a Color Run! I haven’t ran in the last year or since this run but I made it and it was sure colorful!

+ Youth Temple Trip in Dallas

+ THANKSGIVING! We all know how great Thanksgiving is so…

+ Going to Vegas to the NFR with my Dad. We also visited SUU and Dixie…

+ Finally getting my senior pictures done! I got to see a sneak peak and I am in LOVE! Can’t wait to share the rest of them with you! ( Shoutout to the amazing Christy Wright Photography )

+ CHRISTMAS!! I just love the Christmas spirit. Everyone seems to be just a bit kinder, a just a little bit more cheerful than normal.

until next time,


December 28, 2016