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June 2016

Take 2: 5 things I learned from Trek + 5 things to know before you go

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June 20, 2016

Take 2: Junior Year & What I learned

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(I’m not one to typically share personal stories but I feel like I really need to start including more on my blog so here I am!) Oh and please enjoy the picture dump. 😉 I gotta remember these moments.

My junior year is over, which means I am officially a SENIOR. A senior. I never ever thought that I would ever be saying that. ONE MORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL LEFT. Less than 365 days till I’ll be graduated. Honestly can’t believe that this chapter in my life is almost over..


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June 12, 2016

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Because was unable to get my weebly posts transferred to this new blog I will be reposting old ones every Thursday. This way I will be able to post ones that not very many people have seen and also so I can filter out the not so good ones. 🙂 They will be titled Take 2: _______. (Name of post.)

If you are looking for an old post please go back to and search for it there. 🙂



June 9, 2016