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July 2016

Take 2: God is Good

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Hi lovelies!

Alma 26 is one of my all time favorite chapters in the entire Book of Mormon. I just love it!

If you’re not familiar with Alma 26, “Ammon glories in the Lord..” (taken from the chapter heading) Ammon is seriously  giving God credit for everything! He is praising our wonderful merciful God!

I wish I could pick my favorite verse in this chapter but there are seriously SO MANY good ones! Let me share one  verse:

 16 Therefore, let us glory, yea, we will glory in the Lord; yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praise our God forever. Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercy, and of his long-suffering towards the children of men? Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel.

Don’t you just love it? Our God is an all powerful, all knowing God! & The fact that He loves each of us individually is AMAZING! Let’s “praise his name forever.” (v.12) & “sing to his praise” (v. 8)

I highly recommend going and reading this chapter. It does wonders for my spirits and I know it will do the same for you!
What is your favorite chapter or book in the Book of Mormon? Why do you like it so much?


July 28, 2016

My Last Girls Camp

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June 13th-17th

(I know, I should have blogged about this weeks ago, but better late then never right?)


I love girls camp! It’s absolutely a life changing experience. There’s nothing like being with 100+ girls who all believe the same thing you do. So if your debating on whether or not to go — GO. You will come back with a stronger testimony of this wonderful gospel + you’ll be able to sing “Mormon boys.” 😉

I was so sad this was my last year but I am grateful to have all the girls camp memories I have. I meant sorta sad, I mean I won’t have to sleep in a sleeping bag ever again sooo ya know. IMG_5726

I just want everyone to know that our lovely cabin had a fabulous dance party at 2 am. I promise you’ve never heard Blank Space sung so loud in your life. Us Mormon girls know how to sing T-Swift. Sorry, you missed out, I’ll invite you next time.IMG_1357


July 26, 2016

Monday Pep Talk: Be a Light.

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sometimes (okay, pretty much all the time) when I watch the news it’s hard not to get depressed and worried about the world we all live in. BUT, it’s important to remember that most of the time all you see on the news is negative. they don’t tell about all of the wonderful things going on in the world.

we need to decide what kind of person we want to be. we need to decide wether or not we will stand out and be a light or if we just want to blend in with all of the “dark.”

since your reading this I am guessing that you are choosing to be a light. i am guessing that you are making the choice to be a light. to be a beacon of hope. to be hope. i wish everyone would make it their job everyday to shine and only put goodness out there.

everything we do impacts others. let your actions impact others for the better. let them lift others. let your actions inspire others to be a light too.

“l e t  y o u r  l i g h t  s o  s h i n e 

before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” matthew 5:16

CHALLENGE: be a light. smile. be happy. choose goodness. be grateful.

July 25, 2016

Monday Pep Talk: Embrace Change

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My definition of CHANGE: an opportunity, that sometimes is hard but well worth it, to grow and become the person God wants us to become.

Now I want you to think of your definition of change.  No, seriously look away from this post and think about it. Then come back here.

Your definition might be, “scary, hard, horrible.” or it might be “hard but worth it.”  But let me say this: Your definition of that word will influence how you see and react to change.

But I am here to tell you that if you change (there it is again..)  your mindset to see change in a good, positive way it will be okay. It will all be okay. Say it with me: It will all be OKAY.

Sometimes change is required to become who God wants us to become. It’s just part of being a diamond in rough. Just think of what a better person you will be because of it.

I know that it can be hard to move or go to a new school or change anything in general but YOU CAN DO IT! And you will be a better person because of it. So EMBRACE it.

happy Monday!


CHALLENGE: Think back to a time when there was a change in your life and think of how you are a better person today because of that change.

July 18, 2016

Take 2: Everything Happens For a Reason

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Originally posted on 2/29/16 on Some edits were made to this post.

I used to hate the phrase, “everything happens for a reason.”

I thought that I knew best and didn’t understand how God could possibly have a reason for doing what He did. The past few years I have become a firm believer that EVERYTHING does happen for a reason.We may not be able to see the whole picture, but God can and boy does He know what he’s doing! Things that happened months ago that I didn’t really understand why at the moment (not anything bad or hard, just everyday life things) make total sense now! And now I am like, “if I would have been in charge like I wanted to be, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity or been able to know this person, etc. etc.”Sometimes it is hard to understand WHY. Why did this happen? Why did this person come into my life? Why did it have to happen to me? Why can’t it work out my way? (you’ve asked those questions before haven’t you?)

I am here to tell you that although we don’t understand WHY right now, there IS a reason. You might understand in a couple of months or you might never know in this life why you were asked to go through something but THERE IS A REASON. There is a bigger picture that is so intricately fashioned. Even the little everyday things happen for a reason. 

There is a reason that she/he was called to that calling. There is a reason that the road was closed and you had to take the longer route. There is a reason that you are sitting next to her/him. There IS a reason that you had to stay in that class. There is a reason why that dress went out of stock. There is a reason for ___________.

Pray to understand why. Although He probably won’t tell you right away or that second, praying will help you understand and give you peace about the situation. Remember, everything will work out for your good. (D&C 90:24)

Please never forget that there is a bigger picture so intricately put together so that every single thing happens for a reason even if we don’t understand it fully right now.



July 14, 2016

Monday Pep Talk: The Power of YOU

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HAPPY MONDAY! I am so excited to be on this new blog and am so happy to announce that Monday Pep Talks are going to be here for while. 😉 (without skipping weeks at a time…)


Today’s topic is the Power of Being YOU because I feel like being yourself is SOO important and sometimes we could all use a little reminder.
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July 11, 2016

June Favorites

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It feels so good to be back blogging. I am going to make a special effort to post more frequently on this new blog. I want this site to be full of thoughts to inspire & motivate. (my blog tag line if you didn’t already know)

I know I usually don’t  have a very long list of favorites so this month in order to make sure I am keeping up with the goal I just mentioned of posting more frequently I made an extra effort to write down my favorite things right when I think of them…because we all know that I don’t write it down I’ll probably forget.

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July 10, 2016