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May 2017

15 Things I Learned in High School

Photo by Christy Wright Photography

Vest – Roolee

If you didn’t already know I love lists and so I couldn’t resist putting together a quick list of what I learned in high school…so here ya go!

  1. DO NOT compare yourself to others. I can’t empathize this enough. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday. Seriously, once I learned this my life changed.
  2. Stay far farrrr away from the drama. It is not worth it. Find people that are doing more with their lives then stirring up trouble and hating on others.
  3. Stop hating your classmates. If you come from a small school like me you probably understand how easy it is to really dislike some people that you have every. single. class. with. But, stop hating and start loving. Get to know them, be their friend. Again, stay away from the drama but learn to have fun with your classmates. It makes school more enjoyable ya know.
  4. Your grades ARE important! Do your homework, care about what you are doing.
  5. Be good to everyone! Teachers, staff, classmates, EVERYONE. The way you treat people is noticed. Be kind and respectful.
  6. Wear what makes YOU happy. If that means dressing up everyday then do it. Be you.
  7. Be soooo grateful for your free textbooks. (and free classes) Seriously.
  8. Put God 1st. Put God 1st. That means go to seminary!! Learn to study the scriptures and your life will be oh so blessed. The best thing you can do is spend time with God. Put Him first and the rest will fall into place!
  9. Put down your phone. Seriously. High School only happens once. Enjoy it.
  10. Be the light. Be an example for good. People notice.
  11. Don’t worry what people are thinking of you. People are so worried about that themselves. BE YOU.
  12. Be involved! Participate!
  13. Study for the ACT. I never studied, and although I got into the college I wanted if I would have studied I would have probably been eligible for more scholarships. STUDY!
  14. Take college classes if you can. I graduated with 29 hours from my local college. I didn’t like the idea of a bunch of blow off classes so I took college classes that counted. So if your able, do it! Because it was the best thing I ever did.
  15. BE KIND.



May 25, 2017

Catch up on Favorites + Highlights

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GUYS!!!! I finally finished High School! You know everyone says your senior year is the busiest and they are NOT lying! Well, I was sure I couldn’t be thattt busy so I signed up for another 12 hours of online college classes 🙂 So needless to say my excuse is once again, I’VE BEEN BUSY!! Anyway, here are some of my favorites as of lately.


  • WALLPAPERS! Like I said in the last favorites post I love changing my wallpaper! Here are some great ones + for your phone too!
  • If you didn’t already know I LOVE the Robertson’s ( the Duck Dynasty family) and John Luke’s sweet wife Mary Kate has the sweetest blog! I seriously love reading it!
  • Mint Arrow. Not only do I love the amazing deals she finds, I LOVE this sweet lady behind this blog. She is always sharing her testimony about the gospel and it just makes me SO happy!
  • If your an online shopper like me I highly recommend downloading the Honey extension! It finds the best coupons for you to use without having to google them!
  • THIS dress from Roolee! I wore it for Baccularate and I LOVE IT!


Of course there have been many highlights over the last months but here are a few!

  • PROM! I had a super time at prom with these girls!

  • Baccalaureate (in my Roolee dress!)

  • Bye bye Oklahoma, I’m headed to BYU!

  • Your class of 2017! I’ve grown up with these people and look forward to seeing where God takes them all. But, I am sure going to miss seeing them everyday!


May 24, 2017