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September 2017

August Favorites

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(I can’t get any pictures to upload for the life of me so I’ll do the Highlights part in another post!)


  • I am reading a book called Possibilities right now and I highly recommend it! It is all about creating the life you want and becoming your best self.
  • This jumpsuit. I have it in black but its sold out 🙁 The trend is good you guys. I didn’t think I would be a jumpsuit/romper type of girl but its like wearing your PJ’s so I automatically love it. SO COMFY! Here are some other cute ones. 1 2 3
  • I am always curious about how much sleep I’ve been getting so I am loving these 2 apps. This one has an alarm clock that you set and it will wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep and show you exactly when your in your deep sleep. This one is great because it connects to your apple watch and I feel like it’s more accurate than the other.
  • THIS FACE MASK. Guys, I’ve been using this 2x weekly for like 8 weeks now and let me tell you I can tell a HUGE difference! I went home for 2 weeks during the break and didn’t take it with me and my skin was suffering haha. Best $12 everrrrr. (There is a smaller bottle for cheaper too + it lasts forever!)

I’ve got a couple blog posts in the works right now so see ya then!


September 11, 2017