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May 2018

Spread JOY: A Kindness Challenge

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The truth is that we all need to be a little kinder and a little more loving. So in an effort to help myself become more Christlike and focus on others, I decided to start another week-long kindness challenge. I’d love it if you’d join me and together we can help spread a little more joy!

Monday: Compliment a stranger

Tuesday: Write a thank you card to someone

Wednesday: Choose not to judge and give someone the benefit of the doubt

Thursday: Leave a note for someone to find

Friday: Send a letter or email to a missionary

Saturday: Leave a nice comment on Instagram

Sunday: Be kind to yourself and give yourself three heartfelt compliments

Sometimes the greatest love is not found in the dramactic scenes that poets & writers immortialze. Often, the greatest manefisations of love are the simple acts of kindness & caring we extend to those we meet along the path of life. Joseph B. Writhlin

And that is my goal. To help us all extend a few more simple acts of love throughout our daily life. None of these will take more than 10 minutes. But, I know that if you will take a little bit of time each day and be a little kinder, your life will be blessed.

love you all!

May 14, 2018

Advice for those Leaving on Missions

A while ago I shared on my Instagram stories asking for advice for those of us leaving on missions soon! I had a lot of you ask me to share that advice with you so here it is!! Also at the end, I added links to every blog post and website that I found useful so check those out too. 🙂

@meredithduffield –

“- follow your mission’s FB page (basically everyone has one)

– shop at TARGET (that’s where I’ve found allll the good stuff- luggage, clothes, etc.)

– get in contact with someone who just returned from there

– duolingo,, and YouTube language sites”

@krapylime –

“Know that it will be hard. No matter how strong your testimony is, there will be hard times where going home seems a lot easier. But enduring to the end of the mission and finding joy in the little things is so worth it! Focus on the people. Find durable but comfortable shoes. They don’t have to be ugly, cliche missionary shoes. You can find good ones for less at places like Nordstrom Rack and through online sales.

Bring exercise ideas because if you’re stuck inside during workouts, it can get repetitive and boring! Take pictures with people. Those are the most treasured ones afterwards! Also, be super diligent with journaling every day. Sadly after you come home, you forget people’s names and little things that happened. If you can in your mission, take a variety of efy songs and Motab. Every mission is different about that, but the music gets pretty bland after a few months of listening to the same songs

This is so long sorry 😂 also! Don’t forget to just love your companions. It’s hard to live with a random stranger who might not have a similar background or opinion. The only way for your companionship to have the Spirit is to stop looking for bad things that annoy you and serve them everyday and pray to love them more. Hugging and saying I love you helps too! Just remember that you were called to that mission because the Savior needs you there. You’re not called to a place, but you’re called in place of the Savior. Everything will work out! Love every second! It goes by soooo fast.”

@faithdanielle08 –

“Just love the people and the Lord with ALL of you that you possibly can. Serve hard when you don’t feel like you can anymore. Pray it out. Serve your companion every day. And when you look back at the end (and every day) offer it as your sacred offering to God. Remember that you won’t be perfect- ya repenting is the most precious thing to our Savior, so if you mess up, don’t get discouraged, just trust the Savior, take His hand, and step forward.”

Links to Blogs/Blog posts that I’ve found helpful:

Things to Know about the MTC

Mission Advice

Sister Missionary Guide

Working Out as a Sister Missionary

10 Things You Wish you Would have Brought With You

Sister Missionary Packing List with Pictures

LDS Mission Index (Click on your mission and there is tons of videos, blogs, and stuff about your particular mission!)

I wish I would’ve known

I wish I would’ve known Part 2

My Mission Pinterest Board— Full of outfit ideas, advice, links, and much more!

Places I’ve found good mission clothes:

MIKAROSE!! I couldn’t find any skirts I liked or the colors I wanted but I went into Mikarose and got four! Highly recommend.

Downeast. Great for dress slips and undershirts.

Roolee Boutique

Called to Surf

Sister Missionary Mall



-Thrift Shopping!!!! Seriously, go to DI, Savers, Plato’s Closet, etc. They really have some good things for cheap!

-Check FB Marketplace. EEspeciallyif you are in the Utah area. There are LOTS of good skirts and dresses on there!

-Join “Many are called but few are Sisters” Facebook page. This page has been so helpful. So many of those little questions you have are answered on here as well as many other helpful tips and tricks! And don’t forget to join your missions FB page!!

I will be adding to this post as I find helpful things so be sure to check back 🙂

May 13, 2018