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October 2018

Be Kind. (10-22-18)

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hey!! It’s your favorite missionary 🙂
This week…
-Fall is back!! This week the weather has been so dreamy!!! I love it here.
-We carved pumpkins with some of the sisters from the Trail Center last prep day!! It was so fun!
-They are starting to decorate for the Gingerbread festival! Basically I am just excited because that means that Halloween is almost over haha.
-We took the craziest person on tour the other day. Pretty much he told us that Jesus was half alien and alllllll this weird stuff. He would NOT stop talking and I am pretty sure we said like 3 sentences that entire tour. It was crazy.
-You might have seen but we’ve been recording videos and putting them on Facebook…if only you knew how many times it takes us to get one that is even half way decent haha.
-The last two Sunday’s we have watched people get up in the middle of Sacrament meeting to go sit by someone who was sitting alone and it pretty much melted my heart! Be like Jesus. Find the one.
-Our dinners with members this week have been so funny. We pretty much have the funniest ward members ever. I love Bennington!!
-Yes, black squirrels are a real thing here in Nebraska.
-Basically I never know what to write haha….
I was reading a talk by President Nelson called “Joy Cometh in the Morning” and I LOVED it!!! It talked about how our JOY comes from our relationships but especially these three: family and close friends, ourselves, and God.
Take time to nurture those relationships. And to be more like Christ. Seek out the one person that is sitting alone. Try a little harder to be a little kinder.
Have a FABULOUS week!!!
Sista Albrecht
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Our pumpkin! Can you tell what it is? 😉

Carving pumpkins!


Heart attacking people!! Basically that what we do when it gets dark at 7 because no one likes to see us at their door when it is dark outside haha!

making videos! 38 attempts for video one…

October 23, 2018

A Week Full of Miracles…and Snow! (10-15-18)

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How I really felt about the snow..


Hello my lovely friends! Remember last week how I said that fall was finally here…HAHA. It’s winter now. This week I pulled out my big coat and it snowed yesterday….

BUT on a happier note that one lady we found by knocking doors with doormats…we went back and taught her AND her husband!!
We also had exchanges this week and I was with Sister Coleman here in Bennington. It was a day FULL of miracles. We got into like 5 houses that me and Sister Jensen have tried multiple times. So. Many. Miracles. We even found the sweetest new family to start teaching! They were adorable and it was just the biggest miracle that they were home and the time we showed up.
On Teaching Center a few weeks ago, I sent a Bible request to Georgia and it just so happened that my friend from college, Sister Call, was one of the missionaries assigned to that area!! A few days ago she called to tell me that the lady was set on date to be baptized soon!!! 😉
As I have been taking President Nelson’s challenge and reading the Book of Mormon and marking references to Christ I have been AMAZED at how much it really testifies of Him. I mean I knew it did because it is “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” but I didn’t realized HOW much it really did. I know that the Book of Mormon really is another testament of Jesus Christ and that it WILL strengthen our testimony of Him. The Book of Mormon really brings peace into our lives and brings a power into our lives that is undeniable. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the Bible that help me stay close to my Savior.
Keep being awesome!
Love you all!!


Sister Coleman! She is so fun and so sweet!

Sister Coleman and some sweet girls!

October 16, 2018

It’s Fall Y’all!! (10-8-18)

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Happy Fall!! At least it surely feels like fall here!

This week was great! I forgot my journal so I literally am just going off memory here haha.
First of all General Conference was amazing. I am so thankful for a living prophet to lead and guide us. Serve others, love them, make them feel needed. We are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. If you weren’t able to watch conference please go back and watch it.
I am so grateful for the challenge that President Nelson gave us to read the Book of Mormon between now and the end of the year. I highly encourage you all to accept that challenge. I know that as you do that you will find greater peace in your life and your testimony of the Savior will grow a lot stronger.
We found two new people to teach and I am so excited to help them come to understand the difference the gospel can make in their lives. It is amazing how the Lord really puts people in your path. We had planned to go visit an old potential but we decided to walk down a street first and talk to this guy that was outside. We ended up walking down that street for quite a while and then we went back to visit that lady. She was home and let us in and was so excited to learn more. She had just got home and was about to leave again. If we hadn’t talked to that guy we would have missed her.
On night we were out knocking doors in an apartment complex and decided that we would only knock doors that had door mats with words. We knocked on quite a few and finally met a sweet lady that agreed to let us come back and teach her more!!
Both of those were such tender mercies as we had set a goal to find two new people to teach. I know that as we prayerfully set goals the Lord will help us accomplish those as we do our best to fulfill them. Set goals, do your best, and the Lord will help you accomplish them.
Mission life is great! It can be tiring at times but it is SO rewarding. I am learning so much about how to serve others and truly minister to them. I know this is exactly where I need to be right now.
I love each and every one of your letters and emails. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You are amazing!!
Love you all!!
October 15, 2018

The BEST Week!! (10-1-2018)

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This was probably one of the best weeks yet!! YAY!

So many miracles this week. I don’t even know where to start!
We’ve prayed to find a person to teach this week and we did!! (Thank you all for your prayers too!) We had a referral and we couldn’t get a hold of her but we were finally able to this week. We went to visit her and ended up talking with her for nearly an hour. Her name is Joan and she is incredible!! We are going back to teach her more this Wednesday.
Plus, a lady being taught in another area moved into our area so hopefully she will let us continue to teach her! We helped her move in the other day. She was so funny and SO spiritual. He really does hear our prayers 🙂
Parker, a recent convert in our ward, is literally the most incredible person ever. Wow, every time we leave from teaching him I can’t help but think how much farther he is spiritually than me and he has only been a member for like 2 months. He bore his testimony on Sunday which was the most heartfelt thing ever. Then later that night he texted us all about a spiritually experience he had had and it all just reminded me how great missionary work is and how it really changes people. It is the best.
And perhaps the most exciting thing that happened this week was an unexpected visitor that came in the Trail Center… My Dad was driving through the area and stopped by and I just happened to be there. Best 10 minutes of my week!!
Other miracle…So on Saturday it was rainy and cold and we had been outside all day. We didn’t have a dinner appointment and I really just wanted a good home cooked meal. Then out of the blue a lady in our ward texted us and asked if we had a dinner appointment. Made my day. And she fed us lasagna which is my favorite.
We also had Zone Conference which was INCREDIBLE! Elder Anderson from the 70 spoke to us. Which got me PUMPEDDDDD for General Conference! Which leads me right into my next point…
How awesome is it that we get to hear from a LIVING prophet this weekend!?!? I was reminded just how blessed we are to have the opportunity to hear from our beloved Prophet this weekend. For those of you who don’t know what General Conference is- Twice a year we get to hear from our Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, who is literally the neatest man alive, and the apostles. It is hands down the most spiritually uplifting weekend(s) of the year. If you’d like to watch it go to for streaming options!
Just like Moses, Noah, Abraham, and all the other Prophets in the Bible, we have a living Prophet on Earth today to lead and guide us. I am so grateful to know that God does still speak to His children. I know that Russell M. Nelson is the Prophet today and that if we heed his counsel we will be blessed beyond measure! Literally I think I am more excited for this weekend then I ever have been for Christmas. It is going to be GREAT!
Hope you are doing fabulous! Love you all!!
October 3, 2018