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November 2018


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Hello my dearest friends and family!!

This last week and a half have been packed with so much goodness! I don’t even know where to start!
Nebraska is great… and a bit cold but I haven’t froze to death yet so it’s all good!
-We’ve had a goal to rake someones leaves for a few weeks now. No one would let us but we kept trying. So on Tuesday we went to visit a member that we didn’t know and she was so sweet. We started talking to hear and she told us she had lost her dog’s tag in the leaves a few days before. So we raked her leaves and when Sister Jensen found it she nearly cried! She kept saying how God really must have organized all of this and it’s so true. He has a plan and His plan is perfect. Trust in Him.
-On Halloween we had Zone Conference in the morning! Then that night we had a Halloween Party at the Trail Center with all the TC sisters. It was such a good break! Then because it was Halloween we had to be in by 6pm. We kept hearing sirens and so we looked outside only to see firetrucks pulling into our apartment complex!! We ran out the back doors to look and saw a TON of smoke and then we saw huge flames shoot out the top of another building! It destroyed the whole building. I won’t forget that Halloween!
-Sunday we had a regional conference from Salt Lake with Elder Holland and Sister Bingham! Then later that night we had a devotional with Elder and Sister Bruce C. Hafen. Both were so good and left me with a greater desire to serve.
-Yesterday I got a Book of Mormon Request for someone in Durant! What are the odds?!
-I’ve been reading all of the war chapters in the Book of Mormon and WOW I forgot how much I LOVE them!! They are packed full of good advice and they lay out Satan’s tactics so well.
If you are seeking MORE in your life…If you are seeking to find… More JOY. More HOPE. More LOVE. More PEACE. More GUIDANCE. More STRENGTH. More COMFORT. More DIRECTION. More knowledge about your SAVIOR. More BLESSINGS. More ways to PROTECT your family from the world….If you are seeking MORE I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon.
I KNOW that it provides me with MORE. Combined with the Bible it provides me with a greater understand of who my Savior is and what He expects from me. It brings a sense of peace and guidance into my life that is undeniable. It will change you life!! I know it to be true because I have felt MORE in my life because of it.
If you’d like a free copy go here or shoot me an email and I’ll get you one. Just come and see. Give it a try. I know it will change your life for the better!
As always THANK YOU for the emails and letters. I love them SO much. They seriously make my day. Keep sending them! And if you have cute kids you should send me their pictures from Halloween 😉
Much love!
November 8, 2018

Choose to be HAPPY

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This week was not my favorite week but still very good! We ended up dropping all seven of the people we were teaching. That was super disappointing because you feel like you did everything you could and still failed. Ahh agency is so annoying sometimes 😉 like you know how much this gospel would bless their lives but yet they don’t understand that! It seemed like every appointment and finding attempt was a bust this week. #disappointing

BUT, yesterday my sister emailed me her talk from Stake Conference and it was all about being positive. It was just what I needed to hear. It can be hard to focus on the good when there is so much bad going on in the world but when we do our life changes.
We can choose to be happy anyway. We can choose to find the good (it is EVERYWHERE!!). We can choose to not focus on the bad. We can choose to be who we want to become. We can choose to be like our Savior and love. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY! Remember, all sunshine makes a desert. ☀🌷
Fun Things:
-They asked us to be the judges for the Chili Cookoff at our ward Halloween Party. We are both big wimps when it comes to spice so I about died.
-THE WEATHER. If it could just be this temperature year round I would not complain.
-We were knocking on a door and we had already knocked twice and then the car in the driveway starts and we about had a heart attack. I think that was their way of saying “not interested.” Haha imagine if they were watching in their window. They would have seen two girls nearly fall off their porch. They probably got a kick out of that.
-I seriously saw the fanciest trailer house of my life. Complete with a garage. Still wish I had taken a picture.
-I got so many fun letters this week! Thank you all!! They seriously make my week!
-We’ve been making a lot of videos for FB…it’s a struggle (basically we just end up laughing the whole time haha) but please share the ones we do decide to post! It is crazy how we can be knocking doors for two hours and only talk to two people and then do a video that reaches nearly 500 people!
-I learn SO much each and every day. I am so grateful for the challenges and the hard times because it is shaping me into the person Heavenly Father needs me to be. I am supposed to be here helping people but really they are helping me. It’s pretty great!
Oh, and just FYI we get to go the temple on Thursday next week so that will be our next prep day 🙂
Have an amazing week!

Putting a Book of Mormon into the free libraries.

French fries. Because sometimes you just need some.

lunch with Sister Wouden and Sister Jones

cold day. pretty trees.

November 8, 2018