A Week Full of Miracles…and Snow! (10-15-18)

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How I really felt about the snow..


Hello my lovely friends! Remember last week how I said that fall was finally here…HAHA. It’s winter now. This week I pulled out my big coat and it snowed yesterday….

BUT on a happier note that one lady we found by knocking doors with doormats…we went back and taught her AND her husband!!
We also had exchanges this week and I was with Sister Coleman here in Bennington. It was a day FULL of miracles. We got into like 5 houses that me and Sister Jensen have tried multiple times. So. Many. Miracles. We even found the sweetest new family to start teaching! They were adorable and it was just the biggest miracle that they were home and the time we showed up.
On Teaching Center a few weeks ago, I sent a Bible request to Georgia and it just so happened that my friend from college, Sister Call, was one of the missionaries assigned to that area!! A few days ago she called to tell me that the lady was set on date to be baptized soon!!! 😉
As I have been taking President Nelson’s challenge and reading the Book of Mormon and marking references to Christ I have been AMAZED at how much it really testifies of Him. I mean I knew it did because it is “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” but I didn’t realized HOW much it really did. I know that the Book of Mormon really is another testament of Jesus Christ and that it WILL strengthen our testimony of Him. The Book of Mormon really brings peace into our lives and brings a power into our lives that is undeniable. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the Bible that help me stay close to my Savior.
Keep being awesome!
Love you all!!


Sister Coleman! She is so fun and so sweet!

Sister Coleman and some sweet girls!

October 16, 2018
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