About Me



Hi! I’m Halee! (if you didn’t already figure that out. 😉 My name is pronounced like (Hal-E) not (Hay-lee). But, don’t worry everyone calls me Haley and I usually answer to that too!

I am a lover of dark chocolate + cafe rio + the mountains + dreaming big + most importantly the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that we have the power to achieve our dreams & make this life great! I also think it is so important to uplift and inspire others on the way and that’s what I plan on doing in this corner of the Internet!

By the way, thanks for stopping by!! I hope you leave my site feeling inspired and motivated to become a better YOU! Remember and never forget that you are a child of a KING! You are so loved. You have SO much ability to do good in this world. Dream big, believe in yourself, never give up, and make this life awesome! I’m cheering you on!!

Also, neither grammar or writing are my strong suits so no judging 😉

T H E  B L O G

I started my Instagram account in September of 2013 for a Personal Progress goal and then started my blog about a year later for another Personal Progress goal. Although I didn’t intend to keep them up I did and I love it!


June 6, 2016