Be Kind. (10-22-18)

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hey!! It’s your favorite missionary 🙂
This week…
-Fall is back!! This week the weather has been so dreamy!!! I love it here.
-We carved pumpkins with some of the sisters from the Trail Center last prep day!! It was so fun!
-They are starting to decorate for the Gingerbread festival! Basically I am just excited because that means that Halloween is almost over haha.
-We took the craziest person on tour the other day. Pretty much he told us that Jesus was half alien and alllllll this weird stuff. He would NOT stop talking and I am pretty sure we said like 3 sentences that entire tour. It was crazy.
-You might have seen but we’ve been recording videos and putting them on Facebook…if only you knew how many times it takes us to get one that is even half way decent haha.
-The last two Sunday’s we have watched people get up in the middle of Sacrament meeting to go sit by someone who was sitting alone and it pretty much melted my heart! Be like Jesus. Find the one.
-Our dinners with members this week have been so funny. We pretty much have the funniest ward members ever. I love Bennington!!
-Yes, black squirrels are a real thing here in Nebraska.
-Basically I never know what to write haha….
I was reading a talk by President Nelson called “Joy Cometh in the Morning” and I LOVED it!!! It talked about how our JOY comes from our relationships but especially these three: family and close friends, ourselves, and God.
Take time to nurture those relationships. And to be more like Christ. Seek out the one person that is sitting alone. Try a little harder to be a little kinder.
Have a FABULOUS week!!!
Sista Albrecht
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Our pumpkin! Can you tell what it is? 😉

Carving pumpkins!


Heart attacking people!! Basically that what we do when it gets dark at 7 because no one likes to see us at their door when it is dark outside haha!

making videos! 38 attempts for video one…

October 23, 2018
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