Belief in God

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Belief in God is so much more than believing that someone is “in charge” or having someone tell you what to do. It means having a connection with your oh so loving Heavenly Father. It means gaining a relationship with Him and knowing Him.  It means having someone to turn to when you need someone the most and knowing that He will always be there no matter what. It means knowing that your future is in his hands, and trusting that He will great things with it.

It means understanding that you are a child of the one and only King. You are a princess or prince. You matter. Belief in God means that you believe that you matter and that you can become something great. It means that you are literally a Child of God! It means that because you are a Child of God He expects the best out of you. He expects that you keep His commandments and do so with the best of your ability.

Belief in God is so important and can bless  your lives in so many great ways. Develop a relationship with Him, keep His commandments, and watch your life change.

September 27, 2016
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