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Things I am loving!

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If I love something I want to share it with everyone which is why 75% of my blog posts are of these sorts.  So here are some more of the things I am loving.

Take a Name app– I can never find names to take to the temple UNTIL this app! Try it!

One Note– Okay, am I the only person who didn’t know about One Note?? Seriously the best and easiest way to take notes in college. (Basically, its virtual notebooks!)

Love, Kennedy — Great family movie! I loved it!

PilloPlush’s blanket/pillow– Incredible. A super soft blanket that folds up into a cute throw pillow. Not to mention your feet will never get cold with the cool feet pocket.  Great Christmas gift idea!

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios– I don’t like Cheerios and I don’t love pumpkin spice but these are to die for! I ate the whole box by myself in a week. Try them.

This goal setting workbook– Buy it HERE. So worth the $5 to help you achieve you dreams and goals. Seriously, there is something about writing your goals down. Just do it!!

Cheers to Eternity (Al Carraway’s new book)– I think this is a great book to help improve any relationship. Really good quick read!



December 4, 2017

August Favorites

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(I can’t get any pictures to upload for the life of me so I’ll do the Highlights part in another post!)


  • I am reading a book called Possibilities right now and I highly recommend it! It is all about creating the life you want and becoming your best self.
  • This jumpsuit. I have it in black but its sold out 🙁 The trend is good you guys. I didn’t think I would be a jumpsuit/romper type of girl but its like wearing your PJ’s so I automatically love it. SO COMFY! Here are some other cute ones. 1 2 3
  • I am always curious about how much sleep I’ve been getting so I am loving these 2 apps. This one has an alarm clock that you set and it will wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep and show you exactly when your in your deep sleep. This one is great because it connects to your apple watch and I feel like it’s more accurate than the other.
  • THIS FACE MASK. Guys, I’ve been using this 2x weekly for like 8 weeks now and let me tell you I can tell a HUGE difference! I went home for 2 weeks during the break and didn’t take it with me and my skin was suffering haha. Best $12 everrrrr. (There is a smaller bottle for cheaper too + it lasts forever!)

I’ve got a couple blog posts in the works right now so see ya then!


September 11, 2017

Shopping in your PJ’s

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I wrote a blog post on my last blog (see here) about all my favorite online shops and I just reread it and decided I needed to do an updated post with all my new favorite places! I also realized that I love online shopping more than I did then so that’s….great? haha! I try to only buy things I absolute love, things that I know I can wear with multiple things, good quality items, things I can wear for years and it not go out of style (good basics?) etc. But I do enjoy retail therapy 😉

I could give you so many more but here are some of my favorite tried and true sites!

Get your PJ’s on, grab a big bowl of ice cream and have fun shopping! And, if you want you have some favorites I didn’t mention comment below and let me know! I always loving finding new places to shop 😉



August 2, 2017

Favorite Things as of Lately

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Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately!! The month of June was CRAZY busy and I can’t wait to share some of my adventures with you! I just moved into BYU and LOVE it so far. Today I am just going to be sharing my favorites from the last few months since I am working on so many “highlights” posts!

-Munchin with Moguls Podcast. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Do you understand yet? Haha. She interviews all of my favorite bloggers and people and I just love the advice they give and think everyone should listen! (Think Olivia Beth, Ginger Parrish, Kornti Jean…!!)

Barefoot Blonde extensions. I got the color Brownstone and I had to get them colored a bit to match my hair better but I love them! Super comfy and makes doing braids fun. Love her tutorials too!

-Look at this top I’ve been meaning to buy…!! It’s so cute huh? Well if you like the print here it is in a dress. So cute! Also this peplum floral top! Obsessed with all things Roolee!

-Wunderlist. Seriously a game changer in making lists. Download it now…especially if you have a mac!

This video by Sadie Robertson…so so good.

-The Awesome with Alison newsletter and calendar (& podcast!). Check her out here.

-Also, speaking of Alison, her drink (The Alison Show) at Sodalious is to die for and I don’t even like Diet Coke so try it out!

Chip Cookies. GUYS!!! Since moving to Utah and the city I can’t get over how many great food places there are here but thats another post for another day! Anyway if you live in SLC, Orem, or Provo defiantly get some Chip Cookies delivered hot and fresh to your door. THEY ARE AMAZING. End of story.

And thats all for today!



July 11, 2017

My Favorite Book of Mormon Study Guide

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This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

I’ve posted pictures on my Instastory a couple of times that say something like “don’t forget to read your scriptures” and 9/10 my study guide is in the picture and I get SOOO many questions about so here you go!

The Book of Mormon isn’t easy to understand. In fact it’s really hard. But I found a study guide that has been SO helpful! I understand things a lot easier and seem to remember what I read better. Seriously, I had to write a post just to tell you about it because I seriously LOVE IT! I don’t read the BOM without using it because it is just so great! I’ve been using it since March of 2016 (And I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about it since then…) and I am just about done with the 1st book! (The study guide is split into two parts.) I love how each chapter sometimes takes me a week to read yet I get SO much more out of it than if I was just reading.

It’s like worksheets for each chapter. And don’t let the word “worksheet” scare you! Each chapter the pages are different but it gives you spots to write your thoughts, principles, places to doddle the story that is taking place, etc. You read certain verses and then it will sometimes give you a question to ponder or a timeline to draw. Lots of chapters have little “tips” that help you understand what you are reading and giving you insight on who is speaking or what they are referring to. It really helps you dive into what you learning.

I honestly didn’t enjoy reading the Book of Mormon of because I didn’t understand it. I was having such a hard time getting anything out of what I was reading. Because of this study guide, it makes sense and when I am done I can say confidently that I’ve learned something. This workbook completely changed my scripture study.  So if you are looking for something to help you better understand and study the Book of Mormon I highly highly recommend this study guide!

If you click HERE you go to the website where you can buy it and literally see the whole inside of the book! (Just scroll down a bit) I was going to show you some of my drawn on pages but my handwriting is horrible and you don’t want to see that 😉

When I bought mine spiral bound wasn’t an option but HOW COOL!?! Seriously, I looked on the website to get the link and pictures and was like NO FAIR! hahah! Spiral bound would be so nice!

So grab some colored pens, because that makes it so much more fun, and get studying! Gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon is incredible. So make sure you take time each day to study and learn because it will be the best thing you’ll ever do!

Hope this helps!



June 7, 2017

Catch up on Favorites + Highlights

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GUYS!!!! I finally finished High School! You know everyone says your senior year is the busiest and they are NOT lying! Well, I was sure I couldn’t be thattt busy so I signed up for another 12 hours of online college classes 🙂 So needless to say my excuse is once again, I’VE BEEN BUSY!! Anyway, here are some of my favorites as of lately.


  • WALLPAPERS! Like I said in the last favorites post I love changing my wallpaper! Here are some great ones + for your phone too!
  • If you didn’t already know I LOVE the Robertson’s ( the Duck Dynasty family) and John Luke’s sweet wife Mary Kate has the sweetest blog! I seriously love reading it!
  • Mint Arrow. Not only do I love the amazing deals she finds, I LOVE this sweet lady behind this blog. She is always sharing her testimony about the gospel and it just makes me SO happy!
  • If your an online shopper like me I highly recommend downloading the Honey extension! It finds the best coupons for you to use without having to google them!
  • THIS dress from Roolee! I wore it for Baccularate and I LOVE IT!


Of course there have been many highlights over the last months but here are a few!

  • PROM! I had a super time at prom with these girls!

  • Baccalaureate (in my Roolee dress!)

  • Bye bye Oklahoma, I’m headed to BYU!

  • Your class of 2017! I’ve grown up with these people and look forward to seeing where God takes them all. But, I am sure going to miss seeing them everyday!


May 24, 2017

January Favorites + Highlights

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  • I love changing my wallpaper on my mac and I am loving all these free ones from seriously they have some great ones!
  • WHERE ARE MY BOOK LOVERS!?! This website is my new best friend! SUPER cheap books, free shipping, have TONS of books. Like I went to my library because I seriously have the longest list of books I want to read and they didn’t have ONE. But thrift books had ALL OF THEM. I know I am super excited about this but they came in way better condition than I expected, free shipping, and came super quickly!
  • Awesome with Allison podcasts! She just barely released these and I am loving them so far! Highly recommend.
  • Coconut and Almond Kind Bars. Okay, I think I am obsessed with KIND bars. They are my favorite!



I am not going to lie this month was a super great month but it seemed like it was never going to end! The fact that Christmas was just over a month ago blows my mind. Feels like months ago… but I am so glad to be heading into February!

  • Shopping and doing homework with my sweet friend Macy! It has been a crazy month full of homework among other things. She made this month the BEST! Never take good friends for granted! 
  • Youth Conference! I (honestly) didn’t want to go but I had the time of my life! My group was amazing, the speakers, the activities, everything was just WONDERFUL! 



February 5, 2017

October through December Favorites + Highlights

GUYS!! I can’t believe I haven’t gotten these posts up yet! I tell myself I will get better and not miss but then I do! Oh well, better late then never.


 + This sweater ! It is SO warm and cozy. Seriously I love it! and this online store is awesome! The picture I do have of me wearing it will NOT upload…:(

+ Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nail Polish. i paint my nails ALL THE TIME. Ihave used every kind of nail polish. Essie, OPI, all of them. No polish dries as fast or stays on as long as this kind. Plus it only takes ONE coat, not three. winner.

tarte eyeshadow in bloom palette thanks to everyones advice on IG about naked vs. tarte!


+ Doing a Color Run! I haven’t ran in the last year or since this run but I made it and it was sure colorful!

+ Youth Temple Trip in Dallas

+ THANKSGIVING! We all know how great Thanksgiving is so…

+ Going to Vegas to the NFR with my Dad. We also visited SUU and Dixie…

+ Finally getting my senior pictures done! I got to see a sneak peak and I am in LOVE! Can’t wait to share the rest of them with you! ( Shoutout to the amazing Christy Wright Photography )

+ CHRISTMAS!! I just love the Christmas spirit. Everyone seems to be just a bit kinder, a just a little bit more cheerful than normal.

until next time,


December 28, 2016

September Favorites + Highlights

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Hi! I am still here, alive and well! Hope you are all doing well and good too! I can’t believe that it is the 22nd of October and I just know getting around to post this. Remember my goal last month was to blog more… (not just MPT’s)…haha. I say this all the time but my life is SO busy right now and I am pretty sure that I could write pages of things (excuses I guess you could say) of why I haven’t blogged recently. I really miss it and maybe just maybe November will be my month! Anyways here are my September favs!

f a v o r i t e s

  • Hunter Boot Spray. Guys  if you own a pair on Hunter boots and you don’t own this stuff. Go to here and buy you some. (that as cheap as it gets) LIFE CHANGING. It really does make your boots look    b r a n d new.
  • Reece’s FastBreak. I hadn’t tired one until recently and they are my new favorite! Not that I need a new favorite candy bar….
  • Brazilian Blowout hair treatment. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now  you know how my hair gets so frizzy and never stays in this Oklahoma humidity and I don’t honestly know why I waited so long to get one. (Besides the fact that they are slightly on the pricey side…) Guys I don’t have to do my hair anymore, it looks way healthier, and it will last about 6 months (hopefully)


(the picture on the right was right after the treatment so it has more of its curl back now)

  • Maxwell! Guys this online shop is too cute for words. I am loving all the stuff they have posted! Hurry and get your favorite thing because there not there for long.

h i g h l i g h t s

  • We took our Senior pictures at school and I am still in complete shock that I am a Senior!! It just gets more real each day though…
  • Our grandparents came to visit and man they are great! Love them lots!!
  • My mom and my sister and few friends went to Sadie Robertson’s Live Original tour in Dallas and it was great! I wish I could sit down and have lunch with all of them because they are such wise kids!
  • #ldsconf was GREAT! They always seem to know just what I need to hear and it is always such a refreshing weekend!

And that was my month! I hope you all had a great September! Be looking for my October favorites + highlights soon. 😉


October 22, 2016

August Favorites + Hightlights

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what a great month its been! i’m sorry i’ve been slacking on my post writing but i’ve been trying to get in the routine of school and such. i’ll do better this month though! also i just realized that i didn’t take hardly ANY photos at all so here’s another picture of hawaii.


+ shine text messages. every morning you get a inspiring text message and its great! you can sign up at

+ light pink. lately this has been my go to color.

+ this new era article by elder holland. its called the quest for happiness and its basically the recipe to happiness.

+ the sadie app. its sadie robertson’s app and its great. (if you want to read a post i wrote about sadie click here ) i’m loving her live videos and i really loved a devo she did. defiantly check it out!

+ berry kix cereal. SO good. + they are super healthy and no artificial crap!



+ school started! its my last year and i am defiantly ready for the next chapter of my life!

+ seminary started! yay! i really do enjoy seminary and i have an excellent teacher!

+ my  cousin is auditioning to sing the national anthem at the NFR so please go vote for her here (Sage Albrecht) it would mean a lot to us as this has been her dream for years! and if you know me you know that i am all about pursuing dreams!

+ went on a kayak trip with the yw and ym and it was so fun! and the pizza after was fabulous! 😉

+ learned about ryan andrew stream and his incredible story and wow! what an amazing person and story. defiantly go check his instagram out — @ryanandrewstream

+ earthquake. (as if you haven’t heard about it everywhere) i hate earthquakes and this was defiantly the biggest and longest earthquake i’ve ever felt. it woke me up. ekkk

see ya next post




September 8, 2016