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In the Mountains

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Ever since I saw Banff on Pinterest it has been on the top of my bucket list. So last month we took a trip up to Montana and Banff and it was a dream come true!

Lake Louise in Banff! It really was just as beautiful as all of the pictures you see everywhere. 

Lake Moriane. Seriously just as pretty as Lake Louise! The tourquise water was stunning! 

We did a really cool hike in Glacier National Park called Trail of the Cedars and it was incredible! Short hike but the views where breathtaking. 

View from Lake McDonald at sunset! 

God truly gave us a beautiful world to live in and I am so so thankful. Oh and you know those places you go that your like “oh that is so pretty. ahhh” well that was me this whole trip. The mountains leave me in ah all the time and I am so grateful to be living among them right now!








July 15, 2017

my summer pt. 2 // hawaii photo diary

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IMG_6065 IMG_6073 IMG_6133 IMG_2147 IMG_2217


for our family vacation this year we decided to go to maui hawaii. it was an absolute blast and i am pretty sure it was one of my favorite places we have ever been. so here is just rundown of what we did and lots of photos for all the people asking! (and because I am way to lazy to write all this in my journal.)

day 1//arrived at noon so we just hung out on the beach.

day 2//surf lessons for carlee and jarrett. (i was going to do parasailing on saturday instead but topical storm darby kind of ruined that for me.) shopped in lahina.

day 3//went on a catamaran and went snorkeling. saw a couple of turtles on the ride there but none when we got into the water. there was TONS of fish & i even saw a black and white polka dotted eel. then we went to a luau which honestly was not what we expected.

day 4//chilled at the resort because of topical storm darby.

day 5//went to church in lahina. we pulled up to a church and went inside and it was a tongan speaking ward so we had to go find the english speaking one! (isn’t is great how the church is the same no matter where in the world you go?!)

day 6//did the famous road to hana which was my absolute favorite. see pictures to understand.

oh and if you go to Maui go to Duke’s and eat and get the Hula Pie. I promise your life will be changed for the better.



August 13, 2016

my summer pt 1 // utah

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IMG_1463  IMG_1505  IMG_1707

utah highlights:

-EFY at the U

-seeing my cousins

-doing baptisms in the provo city center temple and slc


-eating cafe rio

-stadium of fire

-trying on a 135 thousand dollar wedding ring and band at Tiffany’s

-turning 17

-temple square meet up

? halee

August 13, 2016

My Last Girls Camp

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June 13th-17th

(I know, I should have blogged about this weeks ago, but better late then never right?)


I love girls camp! It’s absolutely a life changing experience. There’s nothing like being with 100+ girls who all believe the same thing you do. So if your debating on whether or not to go — GO. You will come back with a stronger testimony of this wonderful gospel + you’ll be able to sing “Mormon boys.” 😉

I was so sad this was my last year but I am grateful to have all the girls camp memories I have. I meant sorta sad, I mean I won’t have to sleep in a sleeping bag ever again sooo ya know. IMG_5726

I just want everyone to know that our lovely cabin had a fabulous dance party at 2 am. I promise you’ve never heard Blank Space sung so loud in your life. Us Mormon girls know how to sing T-Swift. Sorry, you missed out, I’ll invite you next time.IMG_1357


July 26, 2016

Take 2: Junior Year & What I learned

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(I’m not one to typically share personal stories but I feel like I really need to start including more on my blog so here I am!) Oh and please enjoy the picture dump. 😉 I gotta remember these moments.

My junior year is over, which means I am officially a SENIOR. A senior. I never ever thought that I would ever be saying that. ONE MORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL LEFT. Less than 365 days till I’ll be graduated. Honestly can’t believe that this chapter in my life is almost over..


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June 12, 2016