Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions:

I am starting a blog/Instagram. What is your advice to be successful?

I get asked this question ALL the time. Probably at least twice a week. And I always say the same 3 things: 1) be consistent. post often and don’t ever go more than a week without posting. 2) pray lots. it is very important and vital. pray to know what to post and to receive inspiration to inspire others through your posts. this makes all the difference. 3) be you 110%. post what speaks to you. don’t post that because it looks like something that other account would post. people love you when you are being you. nobody wants to follow an account or blog that is trying to be a copycat of another. yes, using people as an inspiration is totally fine but just always be true to you.

ALSO, if you are serious about blogging start in WordPress. That was the biggest mistake I made. Seriously, WORDPRESS! Not Blogger and definitely not Weebly. (Because it’s SO hard transfer all of your old posts.) If you don’t believe me type in Pinterest “WordPress vs. Weebly or Blogger.”

What happened to the old posts?

Sadly, I wasn’t able to transfer those to this new blog. But, you can view them still on haleesthoughts.weebly.com.  Every Thursday I will be reposting old blog posts. This way I can still have my favorites on here and get rid of the not so good blog posts. 🙂 These will be titled Take 2:__________. (Name of Post)

Where do you shop?

Roolee, Shop Stevie, Old Navy, Piper & Scoot, Mindy Mae’s Market…for a longer list see this blog post.


June 10, 2016