July Favorites + Highlights

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JULY!! What a good month. Thank goodness it didn’t fly by as fast as June. Seriously I start school on August 4th… so summer is about over for me but I am ready for fall so yay! (Isn’t is weird how we refer to summer as the time when we aren’t in school? or is that just me?)

  •  This video. Oh my it is so beautiful. My grandma taught it to my cousins who are 3, 4, & 5 and they can all sing it all the way through and it is the most precious thing ever. It is really good about teaching the basics of Christ’s atonement.
  • Peplums. I’ve realized that like 95% of the shirts I’ve bought in the last year are peplums. I hope they never go out of style because I love them and have way too many of them. (You can find them anywhere really.)
  • Chocolate Teddy Grams. I forgot how much I loved them. Defiantly not just a kids treat. 😉

I am wanting to capture more of my life on here so along with favorites I am going to do a monthly highlights as well. So here I my July highlights!

  • UTAH. So part of my Utah trip was in June. But my favorite things about Utah during July were…ahahaha I’ll be doing a post about this soon! 😉
  • I TURNED 17! Only one more year till I am officially an ADULT. Which is absolutely crazy to think about.
  • HAWAII. My family and I went to Hawaii and let’s just say I am in love. I will be doing a full blog post about this soon so I don’t want to spoil anything here. 🙂
  • COUSINS. My cousins came for a short visit! (Like 24hrs short)

Now, normally my highlights will be more “everyday” things but this month was FABULOUS! What were your July highlights and favorites? -halee

August 3, 2016
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