Monday Pep Talk: 5 Ways to Improve Your Life

I am kind of laughing at the topic right now because for the life of me I don’t remember writing it as an option…defiantly meant to be I guess. Anyway here are five easy ways to improve your life today:

  • Have a book and read it! Get off social media and read! Reading is not only good for your brain but it helps you relive stress and is a great way to “escape.”
  • I am going to combine the next two because they go hand in hand…read your scriptures and say your prayers! (Bet you didn’t guess that hahah!) I can’t tell you how different my days are without scripture study and prayer. This one will improve your life in so many areas!!
  • Keep your room/space clean. I feel like my room represents my life haha. If my room is messy I feel messy. If its unorganized than I feel very unorganized. Take 5 minutes everyday and tidy up your area. Having a clean space is so important.
  • Drink lots of water! Stay hydrated my friends!
  • Paint your nails. I can’t tell how much better I feel when my nails are painted and neat. Take sometime to pamper yourself and give yourself a mani or pedi.

Now these are just 5 I came up with but there are so many more little points that can help someone improve their own life so comment your “life tips” below!

CHALLENGE: Take at least one of these “life tips” and apply it in your life!

Have a great Monday!!


October 24, 2016
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