Monday Pep Talk: Embrace Change

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My definition of CHANGE: an opportunity, that sometimes is hard but well worth it, to grow and become the person God wants us to become.

Now I want you to think of your definition of change.  No, seriously look away from this post and think about it. Then come back here.

Your definition might be, “scary, hard, horrible.” or it might be “hard but worth it.”  But let me say this: Your definition of that word will influence how you see and react to change.

But I am here to tell you that if you change (there it is again..)  your mindset to see change in a good, positive way it will be okay. It will all be okay. Say it with me: It will all be OKAY.

Sometimes change is required to become who God wants us to become. It’s just part of being a diamond in rough. Just think of what a better person you will be because of it.

I know that it can be hard to move or go to a new school or change anything in general but YOU CAN DO IT! And you will be a better person because of it. So EMBRACE it.

happy Monday!


CHALLENGE: Think back to a time when there was a change in your life and think of how you are a better person today because of that change.

July 18, 2016
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