Monday Pep Talk: When You Need a Reason to Keep the Commandments

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Happy Monday! Today’s pep talk is shorter and to the point and not what you voted on but I felt like I needed to share this short message this week.

If you ever feel like there is no use in keeping the commandment, which we all do sometimes, keep reading.

I could give you hundreds of reasons of why keeping the commandments is important, with the main one being because we love our Savior, but you don’t want to read a list of things  you already know. So I am just going to suggest one thing: if you are struggling to find a reason to keep the commandments (or just one) go and read your patriarchal blessing. (If you don’t have your patriarchal blessing maybe you should think and pray about getting it.)

The reason I am suggesting to read your patriarchal blessing is because it tells us the blessings we WILL receive if we do our part and keep the commandments. When you read your patriarchal blessing (or at least when I read mine) I want to be a better person and try harder to keep the commandments because I want to become the person Heavenly Father wants and needs me to become. So try it. Next time you are having hard time trying to keep the commandments just take a couple of minutes and go read it.




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