My Last Girls Camp

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June 13th-17th

(I know, I should have blogged about this weeks ago, but better late then never right?)


I love girls camp! It’s absolutely a life changing experience. There’s nothing like being with 100+ girls who all believe the same thing you do. So if your debating on whether or not to go — GO. You will come back with a stronger testimony of this wonderful gospel + you’ll be able to sing “Mormon boys.” 😉

I was so sad this was my last year but I am grateful to have all the girls camp memories I have. I meant sorta sad, I mean I won’t have to sleep in a sleeping bag ever again sooo ya know. IMG_5726

I just want everyone to know that our lovely cabin had a fabulous dance party at 2 am. I promise you’ve never heard Blank Space sung so loud in your life. Us Mormon girls know how to sing T-Swift. Sorry, you missed out, I’ll invite you next time.IMG_1357


July 26, 2016
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