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at first when duck dynasty came on, i immediately fell in love with the robertsons, especially sadie because she is close in age and lived a somewhat similar lifestyle. (didn’t live in the city and knew about country living and working hard for what you want) but, i wouldn’t let myself get too attached to her and her family because i was afraid that within a couple of years that they would be like any other family on tv and it would be all about the fame and fortune. (thank you hannah montana for making me apprehensive about celebrities.)

after a little while and following the whole family on instagram i realized that they were NOT like everyone else and that they were wholehearted Christians.  and sadie became a HUGE role model to me. and then she got on dancing with stars and i got a tad bit worried that this was when the fame and fortune would take over but she only proved me wrong and continued to be an amazing example and role model.

then it was one great thing after another: her book, youtube videos (that are AMAZING by the way), another book, the live original tour which i am SO excited about, all of her mission trips, god’s not dead 2, and on and on.

but i am not here to tell you about her accomplishments. i am here to tell you that we need more good role models like her in this world– so be one. be a light. and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. do good. be good. and never forget to dream big and work hard. and always l i v e  o r i g i n a l because God created you SO perfectly.


August 6, 2016
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