September Favorites + Highlights

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Hi! I am still here, alive and well! Hope you are all doing well and good too! I can’t believe that it is the 22nd of October and I just know getting around to post this. Remember my goal last month was to blog more… (not just MPT’s)…haha. I say this all the time but my life is SO busy right now and I am pretty sure that I could write pages of things (excuses I guess you could say) of why I haven’t blogged recently. I really miss it and maybe just maybe November will be my month! Anyways here are my September favs!

f a v o r i t e s

  • Hunter Boot Spray. Guys  if you own a pair on Hunter boots and you don’t own this stuff. Go to here and buy you some. (that as cheap as it gets) LIFE CHANGING. It really does make your boots look    b r a n d new.
  • Reece’s FastBreak. I hadn’t tired one until recently and they are my new favorite! Not that I need a new favorite candy bar….
  • Brazilian Blowout hair treatment. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now  you know how my hair gets so frizzy and never stays in this Oklahoma humidity and I don’t honestly know why I waited so long to get one. (Besides the fact that they are slightly on the pricey side…) Guys I don’t have to do my hair anymore, it looks way healthier, and it will last about 6 months (hopefully)


(the picture on the right was right after the treatment so it has more of its curl back now)

  • Maxwell! Guys this online shop is too cute for words. I am loving all the stuff they have posted! Hurry and get your favorite thing because there not there for long.

h i g h l i g h t s

  • We took our Senior pictures at school and I am still in complete shock that I am a Senior!! It just gets more real each day though…
  • Our grandparents came to visit and man they are great! Love them lots!!
  • My mom and my sister and few friends went to Sadie Robertson’s Live Original tour in Dallas and it was great! I wish I could sit down and have lunch with all of them because they are such wise kids!
  • #ldsconf was GREAT! They always seem to know just what I need to hear and it is always such a refreshing weekend!

And that was my month! I hope you all had a great September! Be looking for my October favorites + highlights soon. 😉


October 22, 2016
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