“So you’re a Nun..” (9-17-18)

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This week was a super great week. We had exchanges this week (where you switch companions for a day) and I was with Sister Oswald. We had a blast. We got to go catch butterflies with Amy, who is paralyzed. She loves tagging butterflies so that they can track them in Mexico. But since she can’t do that we got to go help her. She was the sweetest person ever despite her struggles. I often ask myself if I would be as happy as she was if something like that happened to me. Happiness really is an inside job and true joy comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. She really proved that to me.
I have been studying a lot about the Spirit this week. In the MTC we watched a flim by Elder Bednar and he said the #1 question he gets asked is “Is it just me or is that the Spirit speaking to me?” I don’t know how many times throughout the talk that he said “It doesn’t matter. Stop worrying about it. If it is a good thought and you act on it you will be in the right spot for the Lord to lead your life.”
I have been trying to act on every good thought I have. I haven’t had any major good experiences but I can tell you that I feel and recognize the Spirit more in my life. Sister Jensen and I were talking about this and she said that someone told her once “If you aren’t obedient to the little promptings you get why would He bother giving you bigger more miraculous promptings?” And then she said something that really stuck with me, “We are so quick to follow all the commandments like paying tithing and the Word of Wisdom but do we realize that prompting from the Sprint are like our own personal commandments?”
I invite you to make it a goal to act on every good thought you have. I know that you will be blessed for doing so and that you will be an instrument in the Lord’s hand and see many miracles.
The Trail Center has hit its slow season, until Gingerbread season starts, so we spend lots of time on Teaching Center. We teach people from all over the world. We were asked to mention in our weekly emails that if you know of anyone I could call, text, or FB message, either to see if they would be interested in learning more or just to share a scripture with. So if you know of anyone or don’t know the people on your ministering list I would be more than happy to reach out to them. 🙂
For prep day today we went to the Omaha Zoo which apparently competes with San Diego for #1 zoo in the nation. Sister Ball and Judkins had extra tickets and invited us to come with them. It was nice to actually be outside for once!
Oh before I forget to explain the subject line…We meet a guy and started talking to him and when we told him we were missionaries he goes, “So you guys are Nuns?” UMMM NO. “Oh so you are training to be Nuns?” Nope Nope. Defiantly not. Cracked me up.
Keep sending me emails and pictures they always make my day!
I love you all!
Sister Albrecht
September 29, 2018
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