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Preparing for the New Year

I love the New Year almost as much as I love Christmas (which is a lot). Something about a fresh clean start at the beginning of a new year is SO refreshing. I love being able to refocus on what is truly important in my life and making sure I am on the right track to becoming what the Savior wants me to become. Here are a few things I do each year to help me set new goals and refocus.

Each year I add and take away from things on this list but I’ll list all so you can choose some to implement in your new years resolution setting.

+ Read this article by M. Russell Ballard about goals and the impact your thoughts really do have on your life. I stumbled upon it awhile ago and fell in love with it!

+ Get a new planner! Seriously I am one of those crazy planner girls who writes everything down and takes it everywhere! They have cheap (& cute) ones at Target and Walgreens. I then put my goal list, vision board, prayer list, picture of Christ, etc, etc. Just make it your own. Make it fun and personal. If you don’t think you’d ever use a planner make sure to place your goals somewhere were you will see it OFTEN, if not daily.

+ Read my patriarchal blessing and look for qualities I need to start developing or things I could start working on.

+ Make a new vision board. Seriously I hope everyone has a vision board with picture of things and goals you want to reach or do in your life.  If you need inspiration check PINTEREST! There are so many ways to them unique and personal but I love to use and do a collage so I can print it out and put it in multiple spots like my closet and my planner.

Happy New Years EVE!

December 31, 2016