Take 2: Everything Happens For a Reason

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Originally posted on 2/29/16 on haleesthoughts.weebly.com. Some edits were made to this post.

I used to hate the phrase, “everything happens for a reason.”

I thought that I knew best and didn’t understand how God could possibly have a reason for doing what He did. The past few years I have become a firm believer that EVERYTHING does happen for a reason.We may not be able to see the whole picture, but God can and boy does He know what he’s doing! Things that happened months ago that I didn’t really understand why at the moment (not anything bad or hard, just everyday life things) make total sense now! And now I am like, “if I would have been in charge like I wanted to be, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity or been able to know this person, etc. etc.”Sometimes it is hard to understand WHY. Why did this happen? Why did this person come into my life? Why did it have to happen to me? Why can’t it work out my way? (you’ve asked those questions before haven’t you?)

I am here to tell you that although we don’t understand WHY right now, there IS a reason. You might understand in a couple of months or you might never know in this life why you were asked to go through something but THERE IS A REASON. There is a bigger picture that is so intricately fashioned. Even the little everyday things happen for a reason. 

There is a reason that she/he was called to that calling. There is a reason that the road was closed and you had to take the longer route. There is a reason that you are sitting next to her/him. There IS a reason that you had to stay in that class. There is a reason why that dress went out of stock. There is a reason for ___________.

Pray to understand why. Although He probably won’t tell you right away or that second, praying will help you understand and give you peace about the situation. Remember, everything will work out for your good. (D&C 90:24)

Please never forget that there is a bigger picture so intricately put together so that every single thing happens for a reason even if we don’t understand it fully right now.



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