The BEST Week!! (10-1-2018)

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This was probably one of the best weeks yet!! YAY!

So many miracles this week. I don’t even know where to start!
We’ve prayed to find a person to teach this week and we did!! (Thank you all for your prayers too!) We had a referral and we couldn’t get a hold of her but we were finally able to this week. We went to visit her and ended up talking with her for nearly an hour. Her name is Joan and she is incredible!! We are going back to teach her more this Wednesday.
Plus, a lady being taught in another area moved into our area so hopefully she will let us continue to teach her! We helped her move in the other day. She was so funny and SO spiritual. He really does hear our prayers 🙂
Parker, a recent convert in our ward, is literally the most incredible person ever. Wow, every time we leave from teaching him I can’t help but think how much farther he is spiritually than me and he has only been a member for like 2 months. He bore his testimony on Sunday which was the most heartfelt thing ever. Then later that night he texted us all about a spiritually experience he had had and it all just reminded me how great missionary work is and how it really changes people. It is the best.
And perhaps the most exciting thing that happened this week was an unexpected visitor that came in the Trail Center… My Dad was driving through the area and stopped by and I just happened to be there. Best 10 minutes of my week!!
Other miracle…So on Saturday it was rainy and cold and we had been outside all day. We didn’t have a dinner appointment and I really just wanted a good home cooked meal. Then out of the blue a lady in our ward texted us and asked if we had a dinner appointment. Made my day. And she fed us lasagna which is my favorite.
We also had Zone Conference which was INCREDIBLE! Elder Anderson from the 70 spoke to us. Which got me PUMPEDDDDD for General Conference! Which leads me right into my next point…
How awesome is it that we get to hear from a LIVING prophet this weekend!?!? I was reminded just how blessed we are to have the opportunity to hear from our beloved Prophet this weekend. For those of you who don’t know what General Conference is- Twice a year we get to hear from our Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, who is literally the neatest man alive, and the apostles. It is hands down the most spiritually uplifting weekend(s) of the year. If you’d like to watch it go to for streaming options!
Just like Moses, Noah, Abraham, and all the other Prophets in the Bible, we have a living Prophet on Earth today to lead and guide us. I am so grateful to know that God does still speak to His children. I know that Russell M. Nelson is the Prophet today and that if we heed his counsel we will be blessed beyond measure! Literally I think I am more excited for this weekend then I ever have been for Christmas. It is going to be GREAT!
Hope you are doing fabulous! Love you all!!
October 3, 2018
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