Two months down! (9-25-18)

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Hi my friends! It’s my TWO month mark today!!! That seems so quick yet so slow.

This week has been another great week! Nothing too exciting has happened.  I took a group of Fundamentalists on tour at the Trail Center so that was interesting.. We helped a family move, gave out some Books of Mormon, visited so many less active/part member families. We still aren’t teaching anyone so we spend a lot of time finding and contacting old potentials. I am praying that we will find just ONE person to teach this week.
Also, I still think it is super funny that Heavenly Father knew how much I hated humidity and yet decided to send me to an very humid place. Haha. He really has a sense of humor.
Anyways, every day as I am taking tours in the Trail Center I am reminded how grateful I am for the pioneers and their sacrifice. They gave up so much all so that I could have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. They continued to”press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men.” (2 Nephi 31:20)
The first groups that crossed Iowa took nearly 4 whole months! That is how long they planned it would take them to get to the valley! It took them 4 months all because they hit a very early spring and a whole lot of mud. No matter how hard it was for them they pressed forward with that perfect brightness of hope because they loved God and they loved others. When they reached the Missouri River they realized they needed to stop for the winter. They settled here for a few years and were very successful. Because of those business they established they were able to help thousands of families immigrate to the Salt Lake Valley. I am sure as they were going through the mud in Iowa they were a little discouraged (okay a lot) but they kept trusting in the Lord and in His plan. The Lord knew they needed to be right there along the Missouri River so that they could help thousands of other people. We often just see the “mud” right in front of us but I know that Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture.
I know that as we press forward by doing the small and simple things (like reading your scriptures, saying your prayers, and attending church and temple) that you will blessed. He will help you through your challenges. Trust Him and believe in good things to come.
Y’all have a great week!! Thanks for sending emails and letters. They are THE best!!
September 29, 2018
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